5 Cricket Players Who Might Miss the 2023 ICC ODI World Cup – Uncertainty Ahead!

With less than 8 weeks to go, the excitement is building up for the ICC ODI World Cup, which India is hosting independently for the first time. This 13th edition of the tournament, starting from October 5, holds special significance. England took the title in the last championship, while Australia’s record of five championships still stands strong. India’s memorable first victory dates back to 1983.

The tournament will kick off with a match between England and New Zealand and will conclude with the final match on November 19. While several familiar faces are bidding farewell due to potential unavailability for the 2027 tournament, the absence of a few prominent retired players might impact the overall appeal.

Amidst all this, there’s uncertainty surrounding the participation of some players. Let’s narrow it down to five players who are currently uncertain about their presence in the upcoming World Cup.

1] Jofra Archer

Archer played a big role in England’s win in 2019. But he’s been dealing with injuries, so we’re not sure if he’ll make it to the World Cup this time. England won the Cup last time, which was awesome since they had lost in three finals and two semifinals before that. If Archer gets better, he’ll be a great addition with his bowling skills. But even if he can’t play, England has other good bowlers to rely on and stay strong in the competition.


2] Shreyas Iyer

Iyer is presently recuperating from an injury and actively participating in rehabilitation. The squad announcement is projected to be unveiled by the end of the current month, with the finalization set for conclusion by September. Iyer is well aware of the urgency to expedite his recovery process, considering the array of potential replacements. The final stages before squad selection underscore the necessity for every player to compete for their spot, emphasizing the competitive nature of the upcoming team determinations.

3] KL Rahul

Rahul’s journey took an unexpected turn when an injury struck him during the IPL, putting him out of action. Since then, he’s been on the road to recovery, and while the signs look hopeful, his chances of making it to the Asia Cup remain uncertain. This twist of fate not only affects his aspirations for the Asia Cup but also throws a curveball into his preparations for the impending World Cup.Casting our minds back to 2019, we witnessed Rahul stepping into the spotlight as the opening batsman after Shikhar Dhawan’s injury setback.

His performances were nothing short of remarkable, leaving cricket enthusiasts in awe. Adding more complexity to the narrative, the absence of Rishabh Pant opens up the possibility for Rahul to take up the role of India’s primary wicketkeeper. However, the current circumstances seem to paint a different picture, steering the storyline away from this potential scenario.

4] Kane Williamson

In a twist of fate during the IPL’s opening match in late March, the Kiwi cricketer found himself grappling with an injury, casting doubt over his upcoming tournament participation. As he races against time to heal, the cricketing world holds its breath, contemplating the possibility that this could mark his final appearance in the tournament. With the distant horizon of 2027 unlikely for him, the gravity of the situation becomes all the more palpable.

Recalling the cricket chronicles to 2019, Williamson guided New Zealand to the final match, an unforgettable clash where they narrowly succumbed to England. The contest ended in a tie, and even the high-stakes Super Over failed to tip the scales, as England secured victory with a higher tally of boundaries. Amidst the nail-biting battles, the right-handed maestro’s exceptional performance garnered him the prestigious title of Man of the Tournament.

5] Shan Masood

Not finding a spot in the Asia Cup lineup has dealt a blow to Masood’s hopes for the World Cup. Even though his talent is unquestionable, the team’s transition with stronger players might overshadow his role. While the final chapter isn’t written yet, the odds seem to be stacked against him.

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